Dayglow Body Painting! Dayglow Body Paint Shows Blacklight Bodyp

Posted by bristalron on Feb. 07, 2012

Blacklight Body Painting Is Bodypaint I Made With Blacklight Body Paints. You Can find more of my blacklight body paintings as well as blacklight body paints on sale via http-// my dayglow body paint party webcams always free and I am live in chat during Dayglow Bodypaint Shows. Check my main site for dayglow face paint and body paintings from the past shows via live webcams with more than just uv paint or uv faces and bodies found there for I have games, videos, cats, dogs, aliens, skulls, and abstract body art and face art that shows past footage on video from past shows at http-// The body artist and face painting artist is also the painted girl or painted model you see. I paint my face and body live on webcam & have been doing free live shows of blacklight bodypaint and face paintings since around 2002 or earlier.

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