Day 3 at 606 Studio..Final Day of Drums!!!!

Posted by Choleric on Dec. 07, 2008

hey, sooooo this was the final day of drums at 606...i started around 11 am and played till 1 am with little to no breaks...i went through 3 days with about 3 hours of sleep each night! thanks to the gallons of water,bananas,protein drinks,and energy drinks...I got the job done.. ..what more can I was a great experience...Gene Provincio was such a huge help and i thank him dearly! Paul Fig...WOW the guy is a fuckin machine! I think hes my cyborg brother! ha ha...he did such an amazing job..and definitely my band..for the encouragement and putting up with my crazy brain during this time.... I freaked out a couple times,but it was just cause Im so hard on myself,and was pretty much delirious the whole time... next up are all the guitar stuff,vocals,and bass,....corey killed it,lil dave killed it,luca,killed it...youll see....we wont let you down!

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