Day 2 at 606 Studio..Drums

Posted by Choleric on Dec. 07, 2008

hey, well.. heres day 2 of drum recording....i started at around noon and ended at midnight...with 1 to breaks max the whole day...I had 3 hours of sleep the night before working on the website stuff and dealing with family needless to say..i was very very agitated and just stressed out to hell...I was a different person..but all I wanted was to make this the best possible record I could and it seemed that so many things were against me....but me being me...I let NOTHING get in my way and i pushed through all of it and never gave up or asked for breaks! I want to thank my band for being understanding after the fact...because I never told them what I was going through...but afterwards we talked and everything from the recording process was great!

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