David Pygar Cardamone Vs Levi Slamking Shrock (fight one, pt.1)

Posted by davidcardamone on Aug. 07, 2009

This is a Lightweight champ five-round fight between me and Levi Slamking Shrock. I beat him by decision, as when I punched him, I cut him and he bled profusely. Plus, I also knocked him down by a nice cross punch, and then I dominated him and was aggessive. I was sick, I had the flu during this fight, and I had to lose 13 pounds in one day and by doing that I drank no water and wore a rubber suit (well, a special sweat suit for sweating, I forgot the material), and I worked out in a sauna, and sweated off the pounds, and it was HELL. However, I beat Levi, won the Belt, and did an exciting fight to watch.

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