Dave Lettermans Response to drunk tv anchor woman

After the Letterman video, The General Manager of KEYC-TV in Mankato is addressing the rumors about one of the stations anchors being intoxicated on TV. Annie Stensrud could be seen struggling to get her words out as she anchored the show. General Manager, Dennis Walhstrom talked with WCCO Radio about the incident. Walhstrom said that Stensrud had been sick. He said she was taking medication and missing a lot of work, but wanted to get back on air. On the day in question, he said she was not drunk, but in fact, had a bad reaction to the medication. He admits that Stensrud probably should have called out sick that day, but declined to reveal her medical issue. Annie Stensrud statement: My performance last Sunday night was terrible, and for that, I apologize. Ive been sick for some time and taking medication, and have missed a lot of work lately. Im on my way to feeling better and hope to be back at full strength soon. I appreciate everyones understanding and even more so, their support. Subscribe to m