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Posted by vormetric on Sep. 11, 2012

This is an excerpt of Vormetric’s whitepaper: Simplifying IT Operations Securing and Controlling Access to Data Across the Enterprise. .The whitepaper outlines the challenges of enterprise key management and details ways to minimize the risk. This whitepaper from Vormetric on Key management strategy strives to provide the reader with an understanding, of the importance of encryption key management and of its evolution. Additionally, understanding that companies today require actionable information, the paper provides the reader with a set of criteria for encryption key management as well as an understanding of the challenges that may be faced. This is followed by a review of the recent industry initiatives and compliance regulations that are shaping the future of key management strategy. Lastly, the paper describes Vormetric’s Key Management, a component of the Vormetric Data Security product family. According to the whitepaper, encryption key management should meet four pr

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