Dare Kings 9- The Hotsauce Ladder of Doom!

Posted by GlazeBros on May. 31, 2011

In this dare we tackle the Hotsauace Ladder of Doom. There are 7 spoons with hotsauce on each. Starting with Tobasco to the Hottest Hot Sauce In The Universe. Between each spoon full there is a time increase. Lets see who can make it to the end!!!! *T-SHIRTS & SWAG NOW AVAILABLE!!!* http-//www.printfection.com/glazebros ***DONATIONS*** GlazeBros is running off donations. We could really use your help!!! https-//sites.google.com/site/glazebros/ Like us on Facebook- http-//www.facebook.com/#!/pages/GlazeBros/135267259866021 Follow us on Twitter- http-//twitter.com/#!/GlazeBros

Categories Food & Drink

Tags blood, pain, dare, challenge, screaming, hulk, hottest, xxx, compete, hot sauce, ghost pepper, bhut naga

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