Dare Kings 7- Milk Gallon Challenge

Posted by GlazeBros on Apr. 29, 2011

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*T-SHIRTS & SWAG NOW AVAILABLE!!!* http-//www.printfection.com/glazebros In this dare Michael, James, Justy, & Jake take on the Gallon of Milk Challenge. But to make things more interesting each of them dyed their milks a different color. So do you think they can do it!? *RULES* - You must consume a entire gallon of milk in one hour - You may not use the restroom! - No Vomiting! !SEND US YOUR DARES! ***DONATIONS*** GlazeBros is running off donations. We could really use your help if possible!!!! Click Here- https-//sites.google.com/site/glazebros/ ***DONATIONS*** Like us on Facebook- http-//www.facebook.com/#!/pages/GlazeBros/135267259866021 Follow us on Twitter- http-//twitter.com/#!/GlazeBros Also follow Dustin who was featured in our video here- http-//twitter.com/#!/dfarron1

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