Danielle reads

''The Barghest's Monody'' by David Hart Therewithal, profluent life ettles it's while. Thitherward, from Death's bleak campanile Grim antiphonals serenade. A capriccio, the slashing swipe of the reaper's scythe will serenade. Stringent Death forthwith anoints the mithridate to Life's cantankerous and rankling ado Hither now come, anon recondite Azrael, neither protend nor annex this throttled contretemps. The antiphonal of the reaper's cavalier scythe Shall now serenade. Awhirl, like kerfs demarcated Years, bollixed, muzzy and brattled shall holus-bolus expire. No retaliation to death's gloomy surcease No ingenious riposte to the reaper's final cleave. Bootless now to don the amulets, squeeze the jujus, Kiss the talismans, clutch the periapts or Attire in steely cataphract. The serenading of the reaper's scythe, it's efficacy shall blithely cleave. Bedim mine eyes from life's assailing Bedim mine eyes from life's poltroonery Vocabulary: barghest-a goblin fabled to portend misfortune; mono