dancing toothbrush

Posted by getonthesh on Mar. 26, 2012

The Dancing Toothbrush has a weighted hemispherical base and a lightweight body, balanced to have a low center of gravity, in such a way that it will always prop it-self up to an upright position. The Dancing Toothbrush does not need a toothbrush holder and will always maintain an upright position to allow for water drainage and to prevent possible contamination of the head and bristles area. This design is perfect for kids because kids are more careless about leaving their toothbrushes laying around on the wet sink. It is also fun to play with and watch it wobble back into upright position. Because it is fun to use, it would motivate kids to brush their teeth. It’s also perfect for a travel toothbrush where you don’t have your own toothbrush holder and don’t know how clean the sink surface is at the hotel.

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