Cute Kitten Plays Android Game Apps on Droid X

Posted by KittyCatBliss on Dec. 21, 2010

Visit my website- Meesha is at it again. Hes a die-hard Apple fanboy but, I was able to pull him away from the Apple iPod to give Android a chance. This time he learned how to play Drop Flowers on the Droid X. He doesnt quite play the game how you or I would. But he does know that he wants the flowers to keep dropping and to do that he has to tap the Droid. This kitty is amazing! Looks like I have a tech - cat on my hands. Music by Kevin Macleod. The name of the song is Whiskey on the Mississippi used under the creative commons license. For more information and to download the song visithis website- http-// The app Meesha is playing- Drop Flowers by DS Effects on Android http-//

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