Crowds fight their way to grab piece of free cake

Posted by kathyana on Mar. 29, 2013

Eight anniversary of Jining Guihe shopping center, on-site production of a eight-meter-long cake birthday, the plan has been the looting of the crowd scenes thrilling, chaotic. Yesterday morning, friends, Yue Xin Sina video uploaded a video shot by the scene- the evening around 10-58, hundreds of people around the giant cake four weeks, staff constantly circulated to everyone. But just over a minute, rear impatient masses began to be crowded shoving people keep robbing cake Hand, a middle-aged woman wearing a red sweater and even crossed non-existent with the isolation desperately to grab loading plastic bags. Site staff platoon adult wall trying to maintain order, but soon the crowd broke through the eight-meter-long cake broken into three cut-off, and some were thrown in, the crowd clothes covered with white cream cake, The scene is completely out of control. Two minutes later, the cake was plundered by a space, not only the table was knocked over, tablecloths people shun away, the earth was filled cake re

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