#Crowdfunding Wars

Posted by ufopatrol on Jul. 05, 2012

A funny animated video on #crowdfunding. Recently 2 campaigns on indiegogo.com have collected about 900 K dollars based on bullying and taunting. They have hit the very nerve of people, who got traumatized by seeing others suffering. We wonder is the pain more effective or making someone laugh? What is more powerful smile or tears? Every one has kept buzzing in my ears from childhood, smile because the world appreciates your smile, no one cares if you are sad. So we are going to create these short animated videos in order to make you smile. We have not done much animation before but by the end of our campaign hopefully we will not only excel in animation but prove that smile is a more powerful factor to help, then bullying or taunting someone. If this video made you smile then please Help us create our game. www.ufo-patrol.com http-//igg.me/p/115374?a=653395

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