CrossFire Review

My Review On CrossFire!!BY 5harpShooterBlackList Vs Global RiskT vs CT lol4.25/5Games is fun and every exciting, can and will get you mad if you sux though.few bugs i dont like is that when u run into people sometimes u get stuck lol. and its a random killfor whoever fires like crazy. Second is the amount of cheaters. cheater sux... but they really they stand out this game its very easy to kill so you cant tell if they are aimbotting or not i get called an aimbot all the time but really its allin the wrist. Most Cheater that really stand out are the one using HP SPeed Weapon cheat Notic how i dont use the word hacker, because hacker = creator of the program cheater are mostly leecher hacker actually gotta deal with making it and coding stuff like reading the matrix iono. but people who just downloadthere creation arnt hacker there just cheater. Hacker = Skill Computer wiz.cheater = pimpleface nerd / kids with no skillseriously foreal? this game is point and