Creative Form - Pecoraro's Academy Of Martial Arts

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Rohnert Park Martial Arts AcademyPecoraro's Academy Of Martial Arts We Empower People! Join our Facebook Fan page: Pecoraro's Martial Arts also visit: Our Mission: The mission at Pecoraros Academy of Martial Arts is to empower our members with the physical, mental and emotional skills necessary to be successful in life. By emphasizing self-defense, health, fitness and life skills in a friendly, safe, positive environment, we inspire our students to become more confident, successful contributing members of our community. The values of respect, self-control, patience, courtesy and integrity are the corner stones of what we teach. What You Can Expect From Us: Our Academy is one of the premier martial arts school in the nation, guiding individuals from all walks of life and in all age groups, to reach their full potential. The physical benefits of our programs are matched by equally powerful mental advantages. Because of their indomitable spirit, the committed martial artist se

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