crazy stunts from RCF

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Feb. 18, 2010

these are just some of the stunts and stuff we are going to re do in the movie or are pretty cool but not good enough for the movie in order of stunts : baking soda vinegar bomb, luge board filler, old school bottle rocket blows up in kids face, excavator vs bottle of tequila, whaler on skateboard, kid puts crab in his mouth then licks a star fish, same kid longboards down hill with a smoke bomb on his board, guy rips up the bowl skateboarding, flash does a misty flip, kid grinding with soap shoes, then makes soap shoes, high way flair, filler of ant, some little homemade bombs with black powder and roman candles, luge off a kicker into cardboard boxes, three wheeler off flaming kicker kid falls, flash lights a bj bomb smoke bomb mix in a parking lot. RCF facebook fan page

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