Crazy Snow in London!!!

Posted by Moulton on Mar. 01, 2010

Filmed in London, Feb 2006. London City gets 7 inches of snow, the biggest snow fall in the city in many years. Music by Moulton The song Think Real is taken from the album Moulton - Timeline Lyrics- You can figure it out, When you see things clear and simple, When it makes you feel quite small. All your shit of piss and pimples, Tend to mean nothing at all. Just like some who claim enlightened, Just like those who have it all. They need little to be happy, Yet are connected to us all. Dont need drugs or dont need TV, Theyre the conscious thought of school. Its our right to be happy, So wake up and dont be a fool. Written by Moulton Vid filmed/edited by Moulton Comment and rate appropriately.

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