Posted by LaneVids on Sep. 22, 2009

Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor - Bears - Swarm - (GO THERE!)Main YouTube: (SUBSCRIBE!!)Vlog YouTube: (SUBSCRIBE!!)Twitter: (FOLLOW ME!)LIVE SHOW: (THURS. 8pm CT!!)DailyBooth: (FOLLOW ME!)I went to the real estate office to day to put some money in an escrow account for the house that we are looking to buy. I went to check the mail today, and a shadow man started dancing for me. A van drove by. I wonder if they saw the Crazy Man Talking to His Camera. I am testing out some Rogaine on my bald spot. There is a huge spider in my backyard with a huge spiders web and he caught him some food! Then I got some new games for my iPhone: Battle Bears, geoDefense Swarm, and Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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