Could Your Next Facebook Posting Land You In Jail?

Posted by getthedaily on Dec. 05, 2008

Up first, Barbie has won. the 4-year battle between the classic doll and the rival Bratz doll is over. A federal judge ordered MGA Entertainment to stop production of the Bratz dolls, after ordering a total of 10-million-dollars in payment to Mattel for copyright infringement and breach of contract. The jury found that the Bratz designer created the Bratz idea while he worked at Mattel, and the long-time company claims that Barbie sales decreased when the edgier Bratz hit the market in 2001. And a San Diego teacher chose to sell advertisements for local businesses on his calculus exams. Tom Farber said that it's his solution to classroom budget cuts. He also said that he does not want this practice to be the norm and that the government should step up to help educators provide for their students. Farber used the 300-plus-dollar ad sales to pay for the costs of printing exams. A Colorado man got charged with 2-counts of criminal libel due to his online Craiglist posting. The 40-year-old allegedly ...

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