Corvette ZR1 FAIL

Posted by MrBadCameraMan on Aug. 16, 2011

ZR1 hit us in our SRT8 300 while showing off... We got lucky having it on video lol OK, here is how our morning started... We were headed up to Romona to play some paintball. We met up at the drivers house to drop of my car and car pool (thank gawd I didnt drive mine lol). Went to STARBUCKS for a coffee for the 30 minute drive. As we left the starbucks we spotted a corvette ZR1 near the Qualcom Stadium. I (the horrible camera man) was excited to see a ZR1. As we were headed down to the I15, we saw the vette behind us. I was immediatly excited that the car was gonna follow us onto the freeway. We decided to get in the carpool lane and let the ZR1 pass us. Thats right, we just want to hear the exhaust and watch him launch. I had my phone ready to watch him pass. Being in front of him, he did not know we had camera or know our intentions. He decided to show off and floor it. We got a little more than what we bargained for. What the camera shows is what I literally saw. We were def not expecting the ZR1 to LO

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