Corpse in my Living Room (Dug her out from the tomb)

Posted by EddieLecker on Aug. 28, 2009

I stare at you and you stare back at me passion flows through the air so freely we can look at each other dont have to say one thing but in our hearts we know whats happening when I look at you I put everything aside I dont even care that yesterday you died Corpse in my living room I dug her our from the tomb Corpse in my living room I wanna explore your poom poom I dont have to buy you flowers I just get them from your grave I can buy the lubrication from the money that I save When Rigormortis hit you become so tight I can do anything and you dont start to fight I remember the day that I fell for you I was opening your coffin and you were smelling like a shoe Girl you so perfect to all my friends I brag How you give me such good loving in the bodybag Corpse in my living room Shes my bride Im her groom Corpse in my living room, starting to stink I need some perfume I love you right from your head to your toes probably need to throw you away when you decompose Im her man and shes my corpse i dont kno

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Tags jessica, alba, evolution, eddie, lecker, necrophillia

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