Core Exercise Conditioning Complex

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WBSITE: YOUR WORKOUT MANUAL ORIGINAL POST Core Exercise Conditioning Complex - This complex should not be a walk in the park. Perform the movements with concentration and medium intensity. DO NOT JUST LET THE BAG SWING like a pendulum. I mention each movement x 25 in the video. That's hard. Complex Progression Perform 10 - 20 swings to start Add resistance Shorten or length the rest period I will be posting some more conditioning complexes up as bonuses on Bull Strength Conditioning to everyone on the newsletter - this is just to wet your appetite! If your grip is the limiting factor, lighten the weight or wrap the bulgarian training bag ends tighter so you can perform the core exercises and conditioning Oh, and don't worry, you will not need any special equipment for many of the other complexes! Joe Hashey, CSCS KEYWORDS: bulgarian training bag, how to make a bulgarian bag, core exercises, core exercise, conditioning complex, fighter condi

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