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Posted by JGSConcepts on Oct. 01, 2012

Alaska Downhill Brigade is a fully self funded project that JGS Concepts and High Peaks Productions is working on in Alaska. We went out the end of July to Alyeska Ski Resort and started this project. We had four filmers, two photographers and some awsome downhill riders to kickstart this project. With Alyeska Resort opening the mountain for us to set up film rigs and get prepared, this was just the start of this adventure. We set up our prototype that JGS Concepts has been working on. This prototype was a five hundred foot cable rig in the trees as a zipline system for filming the downhill mountain bike riders at full speeds. The day we filmed at Alyeska was one of the nicest bluebird days we had all summer long, making the video footage turn out amazing to work with. From Alyeska, two weeks later a few of us decided to continue this project by heading north towards Healy, Alaska and meet up with Carlos who has been creating Downhill trails for the last nine years with downhill addictions. We were

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