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Posted by WatsonNowlin on May. 01, 2014

*Where Can I Share My Blog Articles to Get More Visitors?* is a content marketing and social media platform hybrid that is a great resource for sharing your content marketing media. can be used to very easily expand your reach if you have created content that is high quality and useful to others. This video takes you through how to set up Scoop.It and how to use most of the functions of Connect on http-// *List of Websites to Promote Blog Articles On* We have just completed a list of 11 tools that you can use to promote your content marketing with. All of them are just as great as Scoop.It and all resources that we use routinely. Check out the ENTIRE list here- http-// *Connect with Watson + Nowlin* Newsletter http-// Google+ https-// Twitter https-// Facebook http-//

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