Connie Podesta

Connie views each audience as an exciting opportunity to create a presentation specific to their industry, goals, and ne-eds. To do that she listens closely to each meeting planner to learn exactly what will work best for them. Connie has the expertise, credentials, and talent to focus, not only on the message, but also on the delivery style that works best for you and your audience. But first she needs your help in answering a very important questionOrganizational therapist, human resource professional, and expert in the psychology of human behavior, Connie Podesta is internationally known for her high-energy, interactive and entertaining sessions. Having worked with hundreds of corporations nationwide, Connie has an insiders knowledge of organizations and uses this unique perspective to create customized presentations on key issues such as personal accountability, communication, life balance, customer service, leadership, sales, team building, change and productivity. Multi-faceted and uniquely able