Condom Rocket Gone Wrong

Posted by srs004 on Jun. 08, 2011

Funny video of a girl making a rocket out of a condom using mentos and diet coke! Video features Heather LaCroix the girl that shoots all the guns and does all the jug fishing and crazy redneck things. Check her videos shooting shotgun handgun rifle. While Ijustine and Hotforwords just set in front of a camera talking, Heather tries to do something in her videos that will make you say WOW or I cant believe a chick can do that! Shes not scared of getting out and trying cool things like causing explosions by blowing things up. Her favorite saying is, I Like A Big Boom! Be sure to check out more of her outdoors adventures!

Categories Animals

Tags zero, rocket, coke, mentos, blonde, hottie, diet, heather, lacroix

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