Competitive Eating! Little Candies! Parasites! #162. ...

Posted by Frederator on Jan. 13, 2009

Little Big Eater Submitted by Felipe ZuletaRATE THIS SHORT:Life Savers Commercial RATE THIS SHORT:Parasite's Delight Submitted by Emmett GoodmanRATE THIS SHORT:Eating.  We all do it.  Babies do it.  Grown-ups do it.  Even Praying Mantises do it.  So why not cartoons?  Why not, indeed!  First up, we have a cartoon about competitive eating, then it's a blast from the past with a vintage LifeSavers commercial, finished off by the gloriously post-apocalyptic "Parasite's Delight."  Bon appetit!In the Robot's world, he's taking calls today.  Did he take yours?  There's only one way to get on:  Give him a call!   888-414-8148  If you don't like the phone, send him an email at

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