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Posted by larrynylund on Nov. 16, 2009

CompactCalc is an enhanced scientific calculator for Windows with an expression editor. It embodies prime numbers, rational numbers, generic floating-point routines, hyperbolic and transcendental routines. Its underling implementation encompasses the highest precision, sturdiness and multi-functionality. With the brilliant designs and powerful features of CompactCalc, you can bring spectacular results to your calculating routines. CompactCalc features include the following: You can build linear, polynomial and nonlinear equation set Scientific calculations and unlimited expression length Parenthesis compatible and unlimited nesting for expression High precision calculation - features up to 38 digits after the decimal point Accurate result display - features up to 24 digits after the decimal point Calculation range (1.79E-308, 2.22E308) Comprehensive help CompactCalc has almost hundred of physical constants and math formula built in, which can be easily accessed and used in calculations. No longer do

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