Code Z: The Series (by Taj Jackson) - w/ Slim K

Taj Jackson -- Titos oldest son, Michael Jacksons nephew and 3T member has directed a zombie series. Titled Code Z: The Series. Slim Khezri, Omer Bhatti, T-Rio (Thaisa, Thaina, and Thayana Sco), Randy Jackson Jr., Taryll Jackson, TJ Jackson, Debbie Jackson and many more Michael Jackson/ Jackson Family friends helped, worked or played Zombie in this exciting fun project !!! About Code Z: The Zombie apocalypse has begun and spreading quick through the country. The only chance of survival now lies in the hands of Brazilian triplets: Katelyn, Hayley, and Lena. The fiercest, sultriest, fearless trio who fights evil with a strong left hook. Three sisters destined for a powerful journey. Lena, Hayley and Katelyn are not only triplet sisters, they are also human/zombie hybrids. At first, their partial immunity to the Zombie Virus is a huge mystery to everyone including them. However, they later discover that their biological mother had a very rare blood disease and during the triplets birth, sh