Coach Wars (Behind the Scenes of a Product Launch Day 15)

Posted by sueandsteve on Apr. 06, 2011

This video is about Coaches, as they pertain to Product Launches. A wonderful Aussie named John Anderson was our first launch coach. He was fabulous and were really proud of our association with him, and especially the effect he had on our results. Our current coach, John Assaraf, has a different style, is quite focused on the bigger picture, which is exactly what we need right now. But theres a wrinkle and you have to watch the video to find out. Had we known a year ago what we know now, we would have asked Anderson to help us focus on the bigger picture as well. But as I love to tell our own coaching clients, You dont know what you dont know. So have a listen, and see if our talk about product launch coaches inspires you to wonder how much more you could accomplish for your business with a great coach. http-//

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