Close the Loophole Gun Campaign Misrepresents Columbine Shooting

Posted by evanlong on Apr. 30, 2010, my name is Evan Long and Im the creator of a presentation called The Columbine Cause: An Examination of the April 20, 1999 Attack on Columbine High School.This April, on the eleventh anniversary of the Columbine High School shootings, a political group called Mayors Against Illegal Guns ran ads promoting gun control laws on the basis that the Columbine massacre would have been prevented had the laws that they are advocating been in place. Here is a clip from their ad:[ad plays: 1999. The Columbine school massacre. The killers got their guns because of a gap in the law called the gun show loophole.]However, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold officially used four guns in the shooting. The first was a TEC-9 pistol which had officially been sold to them by a co-worker and therefore, that gun did not come from a gun show. The other three guns, two shotguns and a rifle, had officially been bought at a gun show but had been bought by a school frie

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