CLOSE ENCOUNTER Helicopter Rage!

Posted by taofledermaus on Oct. 17, 2010

This is what happened an hour or so before my helicopter ride video took place.... I was trying to film a helicopter that was spraying some fields near my house and did not think I was even noticed, muchless being a nuisance. While filming this pilot, he got so annoyed that he hovered in front of me for a pretty long time. - Later on when the sun started coming up I went back and started filming him more, this time I was trying not to get too close. He ended up landing right next to my truck and got out and was prepared to kick my ass. Im serious about that. Luckily things cooled off and he ended up giving me a ride of my life. I thought this incident alone was surreal as hell, but getting a ride by the same pilot later on?? No one would have believed me had I not filmed this.

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Tags amazing, ufo, helicopter, night, aerobatics, rage, turbine, roflcopter, circles, crop, dusting, hiller, nightflyyer, taofledermaus

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