Clipper Cut - Clipper Over Comb Technique

Posted by scissorboy on May. 05, 2009 a MORE FREE videos on clipper cuts, clipper over comb and other clipper haircut techniques, SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter and get access to the whole FREE series HERE: clipper-over-comb cutting technique is good for sides/sideburns and the bottom area of the haircut by the neck. There are some general guidelines to follow..Step 1The hair must be dry because wet hair clumps and therefore wont get cut evenly by the clipper blades. Do the clipper-over-comb technique at the end of the haircut. When you start cutting at the beginning of the haircut, the hair needs to be damp. However by the time youve finished the outline and the top ½ of the head, the bottom should be dry enough to cut with the clippers.#Step 2Hold your comb in your less dominant hand (left) and lift vertical sections of hair at a 90° angle (straight out) from the scalp.#Step 3With your clipper in your dominant hand (right), start at the bottom of the se...

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