Clean Sense Bidet Review - CS 1500

Posted by bidetsplus on May. 17, 2010 - Scene 1 -Hi, this is Jensen with bidetsPLUS and today we’ll be reviewing the Clean Sense 1500. Clean Sense carries two models – this one, the 1500, and they also have the 1500R. The bodies for these two units are exactly the same. The difference is that the 1500R is operated with a remote control.- Scene 2 -From the top, you can see a grey bar across the rear of the unit which has a lighted “Clean Sense” logo centered in the middle.The control panel is pretty clean with a classic, silver and grey color scheme. The use of red, green and blue for the diagrams on the buttons works well.- Scene 3 -The bidet works with a single nozzle system, with two different spray outlets at the tip of the nozzle. Posterior wash is handled by the spray outlet up top while frontal wash, demonstrated here, is handled by the spray below.Nozzle position is adjustable. You can also adjust the water pressure, and the water’s temperature. The 1500 has both a massage and pulsating feature.

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