Classic Tragic Hero - Mutant Abe Lincoln (from Outer Space)

Posted by vanzee on Apr. 30, 2008

A solo performance of "Mutant Abe Lincoln" by Bill Meeks of Classic Tragic Hero. Lyrics: Radio waves past the moon A faraway planet is invading soon Recievers hidden in the dunes (2X 1950's TV show: "Civil War" They didn't know our language or our new pose (2X) But they knew our location And they're traveling but not on vacation CHORUS: He's the mutant Abe Lincoln from outer space He's here to enslave the human race If you try to stop him he'll shoot you in the face He's the mutant Abe Lincoln from outer space Ships decended through the clouds Alien lasers are crazy loud Every blast was disavowed (2X) Mutant Abe Lincoln hits the streets No need to fight We're already beat Car crumple beneath his feet (2X) CHORUS And then one man fought back And soon that one was ten And soon that ten was four-score and seven And the power of that one the power of the one finally won CHORUS Mutant Abe Lincoln is no more His creators: mighty sore Defeats from sea to shining shore (2X) The Earthlings have saved t

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