CJAY 92 Gerry Forbes Toughest Contest Vegas Edition - Strip Roul

Posted by Jaamoro on Oct. 12, 2009

3 guys - Tony, Dave and Shadey and 3 girls - Taylor, Chalcy and Emily bared it all to play strip roulette Friday night at Rusty Cage Central. Dave was our winner of the trip to Vegas! We set up our contestant on stage behind a sheet... they could see each other but the crowd just saw their sexy silhouettes (well the ladies were sexy...the dudes, I dunno). Each of them was only allowed to wear 5 items of clothing of their choice. Every roulette round our players held up a card (black or red) to make their bet. Then our dealer Viviane spun the Roulette wheel! If their colour comes up, they win and did not have to take off an item of clothing that round. Opposite colour means JD made them take something off! Once buck naked, youre outta the game...no Vegas for you! But we made nude loser stay up there till the end! Congrats Dave By forwarding this video to your friends, you could win $500 from Roof Rite! Get more details at http-//www.cjay92.com Listen every weekday morning to Forbes and Friends for your cha

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