CJAY 92 Gerry Forbes Toughest Contest Vegas Edition - Craps

Posted by Jaamoro on Sep. 19, 2009

Mission #2- the Las Vegas Craps Tournament went into overtime! After 16 HOURS Steve crapped out making Carl the winner!!! We locked contestants Steve & Carl inside smelly porta poties wearing Elvis jumpsuits! Longest to last would win the trip to Vegas. We started at 7-45am Thursday morning and finished up at 11-45pm! Both guys had to wear a fabulous one size fits all, one piece, nylon, white, Elvis jumpsuit; they could not bring anything in with them...no cell phones, no radio, no febreeze and no smoking (both were smokers!); and all they had to eat was some coffee and bran muffins for breakfast, jalenpeno chips, a snickers bar and some bran buds (plus water). Jerry and the crew at Alberta Porta Potie picked up a couple used porta poties from a construction job site and left them baking in the sun for a couple days! To make things extra tough we had them take off the toilet seats and covers AND fill up the tanks right to the brim (that made about 200lbs of liquid waster sitting in each porta potie)! By fo

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