CJAY 92 Gerry Forbes Toughest Contest Vegas Edition - Buffet

Posted by Jaamoro on Sep. 23, 2009

Monday Night at Morgans Pub, during half time of Monday Night Football, our contestants James, Curt and Andrew had to finish each plate of food from the buffet, in order, as fast as they could to win Mission 3 and the trip to Vegas! Curt was out in front at the beginning and held the lead through several dishes but started to stall out on the rubbery squid...Andrew looked like he was going puke for most of the thing but choked it back while James got bogged down on the heavy fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches. In the end Andrew finished all courses and chugged back his Salmon cocktail to take the win! A big thank you to Steve and the crew at Morgans Pub for their help with this mission and letting us bring this nasty fair into their restaurant. By forwarding this video to your friends, you could win $500 from Roof Rite! Get more details at http-//www.cjay92.com Listen every weekday morning to Forbes and Friends for your chance to win!

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