Circulating Tumor Cells (Ctcs) And Cancer Stem Cells (Cscs) Mark

Posted by videotmr on Sep. 12, 2012

Circulating tumor cell technology is an enabling technology for recovery and analysis of separated cancer cells in the peripheral blood. CTC technology offers advantages like high sensitivity, high specificity, reproducible, repeatable, and non-invasive diagnostic assay for guiding treatment decision and improved patient triage. Circulatory tumor cells (CTC) are cancer cells that get separated from the primary tumor or its metastases that circulate in the peripheral blood. Metastasis the major cause of cancer deaths and CTC may constitute seeds from metastases and indicate the spread of diseases. The circulating tumor cells analysis will allow early detection of metastasis when it is less invasive. Molecular characterization of CTC enables the treatment to be planned effectively. Removing CTC from the blood will limit metastases after surgery or therapy. Browse :

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