In this bonus episode of Good Food, we divert from the taco trucks we covered in our pilot episode to visit Echo Park, home to the only food truck in Los Angeles that exclusively serves churros. Also know as Mexican or Spanish doughnuts, these delicious, hot, fried dough snacks are traditional breakfast fare in Spain and Mexico and an everyday snack in the US. Made of a creme puff-like dough and then extruded through a churrera, a special star-shaped press which gives it its characteristic ridges, churros are deep fried and then rolled in sugar and cinammon and ideally paired with a steamy cup of hot chocolate. Traveling to Spain, Mexico, or Latin America? Hot churros are available from street vendors in different shapes, sizes, fillings and flavors, or swing through Echo Park on your next trip through LA to pick up one of our favorites.Created by 60Frames and KCRW. Hosted by Evan Kleiman.Good Food is a 60Frames original series. For more information, please visit us at