Chubby White Version of Will Smith

Posted by lukesbrainchunks on Mar. 20, 2012

This is my entry into DeStorms Watch Me 2012- Lyrics- Im just a chubby white guy a lot like santa clause and when I start to hot flash in they call it sexy menopause and others start to feel me start makin it rain and the rest now they can hear me the mic just burst in flames so when you start that sweat drop and turn that AC on you better sit and brace yourself cause Im gonna drop a bomb so when you get those dark pit stains cause your hot in the literal sense when DeStorms beats hits the streets all they can do is dance burn marks on stage insurance covers it play it for yo mommas cause they cant get enough of it Im hot in a beater hot and a tweeter hot when I pay the meter takin double seater Derek Jeter when the fires burnin no matter what they say youll know who your real friends are when the smoke from the fire goes away . . . its hot Its usually not the modest hey destorm tell em whos the hottest

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