Chinese Tightrope Walker Survives Fall

Posted by BloopZone on Jul. 08, 2012

A Chinese acrobat survived after falling from a tightrope on Sunday in Pingjiang County, Hunan Province in central China, according to a report from Chinese state broadcaster CCTV. Dawa Zi acrobat Aisikaier was attempting to walk backwards across a 700-metre (766-yard) tightrope 200 metres (219 yards) above ground with his eyes covered. To add to these self-imposed challenges, the tightrope sloped at up to 30 degrees in some places and, due to technical limitations on how it was fixed, was also swaying slightly. Aisikaier, who took no safety precautions and used only a 6-metre pole to aid his balance, slipped and fell at around 40 metres (44 yards) from the end of the crossing, according to CCTV. Fortunately the drop at that point was relatively small, and Aisikaier appeared to be without serious injury following the fall. He later said he had felt slightly faint at that point in the walk, which had already taken more than 50 minutes, and that he had slipped due to the wind. Aisikaier is a sixth-genera

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