Chinese Hospital Abuse Caught On CCTV

Wang Xiuying went into distress after the marriage of her two sons took place within three days. She suffered a breakdown on 7 December, smashing furniture and screaming. Her sons decided to take her to a metal hospital in Laiwu More.. (Shandong province). The hospital managers admitted the patient, but refused to allow any family visits. After eight days of internment, Wang Xiuying's husband was informed that his wife had been transferred to Laiwu public hospital. When he arrived there he found her dead, and realised that she had already been deceased for some time. The patient's family demanded CCTV footage from the psychiatric hospital, which they supplied, dated December 9 to 15. Amongst the footage, the victim's son discovered evidence of extreme abuse taken out by the nurses. He posted screen grabs of the video on a discussion forum, along with his account of events (see below). Webusers, outraged by the affair, sent the images to the local press, who then went to interview the family. The local authori