China dress

costume.Because when Europeans invaded China in Qing Dynasy,China was ruled by Manchu,so they thought Manchu culture was Chinese culture,but it was not ture,because Manchu culture was nomadic before they ruled China,as we all know Chinese culture was not nomadic.So how can Manchu culture represent Chinese culture?How can Manchu costume represtent Chinese tradition costume?In fact Qipao is Manchu costume not Chinese costume,Chinese weared Hanfu for more than 5000 years but Qipao just 360 years,Qipao doesn't fit Chinese culture.Ming Dynasty Manchu defeated Han people then they ruled China,they keeping killed Han people for 37 years,and at least they killed 36 million Han people,ordered Han people abandon Hanfu and wear Manchu costume,but many Han people don't want to do it,so they would rather die rather than wear Manchu costume,Han people dared not to wear Hanfu when they alive so when they died they still wear Hanfu to prove that they were men of Ming Dynasty,the men of Huaxia not Qing Dynasty.In fact Qipao i