Chest workout & spiritual warfare

Posted by commonsensetv on Mar. 29, 2012

Chest workout & spiritual warfare, Fitness, exercise, physical fitness. You must train your mind, body, and spirit if you want to be the whole man. Stop making excuse and get in the gym, read to strengthen your mind. I mean read different and opposing viewpoints. Make sure you read the Bible even if you are not a believer. If you are so sure has to what you believe you should be able to read the Bible objectively. Also make sure you study and do your research on books of antiquity. This way you can see how reliable they are. Buy the Book Whatever Happen To COMMON Sense @ http-// Or https-// Buy the EBook Whatever Happen To COMMON Sense @ http-// Also Available- If you want to be happy, buy the new Ebook for only $3.99 called How to Use Common Sense for a Happy Life @ http-// E

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