Chelsea Handler Sex Tape

News Update April 11, 2012: Chelsea Handler has moved from mocking celebrities to mocking animal rights abusers. The talk show star has joined protesters against horse drawn carriages in New York City.

News Update March 23, 2012: Handler got one of the hottest star alive in the interview seat on her show last night. Jennifer Lawrence star of the Hunger Games appeared on the show to promote her new movie. Proving that no star is too big for the Chelsea Lately stage. I

News Update March 22, 2012: Handler took a swipe at the Republican presidential nominees lately. Surprising no one but making her a target for right wing pundits and shows for the next week. This is a welcome distraction from the impending failure of her sitcom Are you there vodka?

Who knew that a Chelsea Handler sex tape existed? Some incredible researcher or detective with Sherlock Holmes level deductive prowess discovered that the late night funny woman had created a s possible sex tape. The rumors filled the internet in the second half of 2010 but since no sex tape has come to light. Whether or not the alleged tape is of a mysterious doppleganger or Handler simply paid to never have the tape come to light one thing is for certain. That tape must be amazing. Because even bikini pictures of the host are almost too racy for the internet.