Cheikh Sidi Bemol El Bandi

Posted by irawiz on Feb. 23, 2007

Extract El Bandi of Cheikh Sidi Bemol in Algiers concert lirics and musics Hocine BOUKELLA.Translation Aric Wizenberg The banditMy teeth were on the doleLike me, they weren’t working anymore.Electricity and gas supplies cut offI dreamt of coffees and cigs.Misfortune was watching out at my door,Eager for finding me dead.My time would have come,I became a bandit, forgive me.In the street, I went out, determined,A big club in the hand.I knocked out the first guy around,I striped him down and left him.The snakes (1) heard about it,Went and picked up me, chained.They nabbed me at the caf,Direction: the Serkadji (2).Mr. and Mrs. So-and-so,Unemployed persons and workers,Every of them said: “This nutcase,He should be sentenced to death!”Hopefully, the judge calmed downWhen he heard all my miseries.He said to me: “You’re a criminal,You must pay ten years!”I spent eight, they released me,I had missed the neighborhood, Mister!In Belcourt(3), I wandered,Walking and lowering the head.I w

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