Cheaters Caught - Damage Proficiency Glitch - MW3

Posted by DmagnusV on Jan. 19, 2012

Ran into a lobby where some people were running the Damage Proficiency Glitch. Hopefully IW follows through with the bans. Even with them cheating they still couldnt win the game. The XBL Cheaters are as Follows; This Video- PHYCO REALM 13, EVILS1TH, ANTON0118 Other known Cheaters- MelvinBurns, NsBKosher Oven, ImaMonStR, Niinja Yoshii, LEGiit HERO, glock451soda, XxGINGERLITEXx, schmunser, texancowboy1836. Feel free to Do with this information as you wish. If you have anymore names you would like to add to this list feel free to do so.

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