Charlie Sheen Rant

The Two and a Half Men star showed off his complete and utter delusion on a radio show yesterday. After numerous occasions of missed work, drug problems, and sex addiction, Sheen decided to tell his side of the story and proceeded to ramble for nearly twenty minutes about his power, the sexual proclivities of Chuck Lorre who produces the show, and watching Jaws on his yacht in 4D. Makes perfect sense, right? All things that a completely sober man would say, yes? No, its hilariously unaware and clearly the ramblings of someone with a deep addiction problem and a slippery grasp on reality. The show has been cancelled and Sheen even sent a vaguely anti-semitic screed to TMZ. Sheen asserts that he has poetry and magic in his fingertips and that he is an F18 dropping ordinance of awesome on the ground. He is the apotheosis of the problems of stardom and addiction. Hes winning. Do the math. Unbelievable.