Channel Frederator for 5/12/09

Posted by Frederator on May. 12, 2009

Gretel & Hanzel Submitted by Gianna Ruggiero The Peasant and the Root Submitted by Brock Gallagher Black-Eyed Snakes: "Rise Up!" Submitted by Brian Barber  Hey all yall!  This week, the cartoons are comin atcha in full force!  First up is a wicked sweet animation about a poor little girl seeking her brother, Hanzel.  Second is the classic tale of the Mandrake root.  And finally, we have a cautionary tale about feeding seagulls.Last week, you all left some fantastic comments on YouTube and today, the Robot responds to them!  He also wants to know what youre doing for Memorial Day, so, you know, leave him a comment or give him a ring:  888-414-8148

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